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what's new
We are looking for a Friday afternoon part time native English teacher.

Please go to the employment page for more information.  
Rivercity English School is open for children of any nationality.

In our preschool, we have had children from all over the world, such as from France, Finland,
Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Korea,
the Philippines and Vietnam.

They all learned how to communicate in English as well as making friends  
with Japanese or other international students.

If your child is turning two years old, please drop by for a trial lesson!
You can officially join our preschool class once your child turns two!

We offer classes to children of all ages.
How to have a trial lesson

Send us an email or use the inquiry form to book a trial day.

If you are interested in our preschool classes,
we invite you to come to our school at around 11am
to have an hour trial lesson in our class.

We then consult about classes, fees and the school system.

English speaking staff will be available for your convenience.
School introductions
  • 3minutes walk from tsukishima station Tsukishima school
  • 1minute walk from kachidoki station kachidoki school
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