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Three special reasons to choose Rivercity!


Reason 1
A world rated early childhood learning system which fosters curiosity of the child and motivates learning

The Creative Curriculum developed by Teaching Strategies Inc is now used extensively in many English speaking countries. It is regarded as a high quality comprehensive, rigorously researched curriculum approach that honors creativity and makes learning exciting and relevant for every child. US Government approved, it has now been written into public K12 school curriculums across the United States. James and Tamaki (Directors) realizing its value have studied the system and many of the Rivercity teachers have a “Creative Curriculum” certificate of completion.

The Creative Curriculum early childhood program can create a high-quality learning environment that enables every child to become a creative, confident thinker. The stress is on allowing children to develop their imagination, creativity, love of learning and confidence through personal achievement.

In Preschool, Advanced Preschool and Kinderschool classes the benchmarks analyze the stages and goals of age related development of young learners, while acknowledging the individuality of each student.

In Afterschool we apply another assessment system to monitor progress, and in English class we are using the benchmarks of the Canadian National ESL program.



Reason 2
Attend school as little as one day per week! There is a pick-up service if needed – attending school is a breeze!
Conveniently located, Kachidoki school is zero minutes walk from the station, and the Tsukishima school is three minutes walk from the station. Choose the days you wish to go to school to suit your family schedules!

Problem – I can’t get to nursery school on time to take junior to Rivercity…・・・
Uh Oh… Something’s come up at work – I can’t leave the office yet・・・
I’m running late – I don’t think I will be there on time・・・

Rivercity is flexible in matching schedules for busy business people, couples and working Moms and Dads.

Pick-up service

Staff can go to your nursery school to pick up your child and bring them to the Rivercity school. Certain distance restrictions apply so please contact us for further details.


If you need to drop off your child 30 minutes early, or if you are running 30 minutes late, there is a spotcare service.



Reason 3
Improve your English skills in a friendly environment
Children will be placed in a class that matches their level, age, and English ability.

We will diligently study but also be aware and take the children’s emotions and feelings into consideration. We do not want them to feel stressed while studying, because we believe children learn faster when they feel happy, safe and secured.

In Mommy-lingual, an innovative parent-child / baby sign language class with a proven track record, younger children can get first exposure to English. When they are able to separate from their Mom/Dad, they can join our preschool program. We offer phoneme practice (basic 44 sounds of English), emotional and logical development, and interaction with Native English teachers. Once they graduate from our preschool program, the children can move on to our Kinderschool Program. In Kinderschool, we study phonics for reading and writing, as well as studying with workbooks that help them develop critical thinking skills. Again, after Kinderschool we offer an Afterschool program. This program uses a higher level of English grammar, reading and writing. By this stage children will be used to writing, able to answer many questions in English and be taking charge of their reading program.

Once students finish our Afterschool program, they can continue their English studies by joining an English/International School confidently.


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