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Admissions Guide
Tsukishima SchoolKachidoki School
At each school,there are classes for every age, personal development level and English proficiency. You can have a trial enrollment in preschool, and free trial lessons for Junior English and adult English classes.
free trial lesson・trial enrollment
TEL・Email reservation

「I want to check the school…」What days could I come for a trial lesson

Free trial lesson

The trial lesson is for about 1 hour, you can enter the class with your Mom and see what the students and teacher are like.
You can get an explanation about the school and have all your questions answered!

Trial enrollment

After a free trial lesson, you can have a 3 paid lesson trial without paying any admission cost.
During this time children who have not been separated from parents before can observe the flow of the class and start to take interest.

Formal Admission

Children can have a trial lesson even before their second birthday!

Junior English・Adult English sample lesson
TEL・Email reservation

「I want to check the school…」What days could I come for a trial lesson

Free sample lesson

You can have a free sample lesson of about 20 minutes
You would observe a real class with other regular students, and the teacher will assess your level.
You can get an explanation about the school and have all your questions answered!

Formal Admission
About the classes

Regular classes are the same day, time and teacher each week


If you are taking an adult class but cannot come at a regular time each month,
You can have an irregular lesson time as a private student.


The actual number of lessons are weekly, 42 lessons in one year.


The school calender is set for the year, so students know when there is no class. On some national holidays the school has classes.
Most national holidays, including the turn of the new year, align with the holidays of the school calender.

For further details please check the calender in the upper left of the website
Makeup lessons
If you do not attend lessons the lesson fee will not be refunded.If you callby the end of the previous day,you will be able to reschedule that lesson. If you are having 1 lesson per month, you will be able to reschedule a maximum of 1 lesson in a month.
The rescheduled lesson right will expire after 2 months if you do not use it.
If you are rescheduling, we cannot go over the maximum limit of students in a class.
In that case we may have to postpone your makeup to a later time.
※We cannot offer a makeup class for a same day cancellation.
School lesson pricing
クラス Tuition
Admission All Classes ¥21,600
Baby Sign Language introductory class in Japanese ¥0
Monthly Tuition Mommy Lingual(50 mins class) ¥10,800
Preschool(4.5 hour class) ¥27,000
Preschool(3 hour class) ¥21,600
Advanced Preschool・Kinderschool(2 hour class) ¥16,200
Afterschool(2.5 hours class) ¥19,440
Junior English group lesson(55 mins class) ¥10,800
Junior English semi private lesson(45 mins class) ¥14,040
Junior English private lesson(45 mins class) ¥22,680
Adult English semi private lesson(55 mins class) ¥16,200
Adult English private lesson(55 mins class) ¥22,680
Other tuition fees
Material fees

In April and October there is a fee of ¥6,480

※Advanced Preschool, Kinderschool and Afterschool students use 1 workbook per year.
This is an extra fee of ¥2,160

※For Afterschool students, there is a Natural English guide book and CD fee for

※For Afterschool students, there is a twice yearly snack fee of¥3,300

English class text fee

At enrollment, the adult fee is ¥3,240, Children fees are ¥2,160 for group lesson ¥4,320 for semi private or private lesson.
The teacher may take a few lessons deciding the correct text before handing it over
When the students have finished they would have to step up to the next level book.

※If the student has more than 1 class per week, the fees remain the same as 1 class per week

Maintenance Fees・Insurance

Each April and October, there is a fee of ¥6,480 for all classes except Baby Sign Language introductiory class.

※For students newly started, a pro rata calculation will be applied
※Please understand that we are unable to refund the admission, material and maintenance fees