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Afterschool, Advanced Afterschool


Elementary School Years 1-4 2.5 hour class

This program is designed for elementary school aged students to attend after their normal school day. It helps students become strong readers with a lot of assistance from teachers as children choose books from the school library to match their own level. We also do in depth group readings and analysis of grammar and vocabulary as a group and have written answers to these passages. Everyone can give a self introduction, speak while using longer sentences, can ask questions of other students, and answer questions all by themselves in English. We also have a regular spelling test as well as many other activities. If your child has never been studied English, there is no need to worry, we have a bilingual Japanese teacher who can support the child’s needs. If your child came from an international environment, we can arrange different worksheets depending on student’s ability.

Afterschool Special points
Learning to read and spell

Building on the phoneme and phonics skills students learned in Kinderschool,they practice dictation by writing what they hear and then analyze any errors. Reading then becomes easier, even previously unseen words.
Students also practice reading books to the teacher and try to improve their pronunciation and intonation.

Making speeches

In circle time, students talk about themselves and take questions and answer them, then ask others similar questions. There is also a time set for man to man free talking with the teachers.


Students copy the words of the week from the monthly theme, study them using kid’s dictionaries and have a check test on them the following week.
They will confirm the words with their friends and teachers and learn how to study by themselves and teach themselves.


Children often get hungry around this time so we encourage everyone to bring a simple snack and we will provide the tea!
After a snack, kids feel energized to concentrate on their work again.

Advanced Afterschool
Elementary school Years 3 – 6 1.5 Hour class

For students that are high level, returnees, etc there is an advanced class. We take turns reading passages aloud, answer questions and reconfirm the newly introduced vocabulary. There is an emphasis on idioms, phrases and expressions so it is a concentrated analysis of literature, not simply reading. We then ask and answer questions in English from various angles regarding the story.
We also do conversation training one to one with the teachers and free reading with graded readers.

Afterschool・Advanced Afterschool

Advanced Afterschool
Some new students have arrived!
Who wants to join Afterschool?
The difference between Afterschool
and the English class lessons

You might feel unsure whether to take the Afterschool or the English class. There are some difference between these two classes, because of this, we would be happy to help clear up any confusion or feelings of doubt. Please feel free to ask your questions at the reception desk or via email.

Points common to both classes
Level check sheet and assessment system

For English beginners, students who have completed Kinderschool, or those who have started elementary school, we recommend taking our Afterschool class.
Why do we recommend afterschool…?


Because there will be a Japanese teacher along with the native teacher, if the student has any trouble or weaknesses following anything in English, the Japanese teacher will be able to help.


In Afterschool class Many kids are studying 2.5 hours of English in Afterschool in addition to their normal afterschool hall activities connected to their Government school. This makes it convenient for working parents, because working parents have busy schedules and can’t leave early to pick up their kids.


Junior English class concentrates on text book work and is only 45 minutes so there is a limit to how much work they can do in this time. Afterschool however gives students time to do a lot of work, including revision and review of last week’s work and polishing it up. After some phonics and alphabet training, they have time for learning sight words and taking dictation tests.
There is also time to focus on activities which aid conversation skills.


Although sometimes there are various levels of children in the one class, this encourages juniors to learn from seniors and to cooperate and be motivated by others through activities and social studies.
The Creative Curriculum allows for large groups to interact and work well together by controlling the dynamics carefully.

Because students are not following a textbook, some parents may feel it is difficult to measure their children’s progress, but the students are gaining a lot in speaking ability, as well as speed and confidence at self presentation. If students have done well in Afterschool the teacher may recommend our English class where they can step up and continue to develop their skills.

One thing to avoid we would like to avoid is: children, who are coming out of Kinderschool may feel a big gap going into English class and may feel some stress. That is why we recommend Afterschool, to ease into a new class a build some skills before taking the leap to our English Class.

For the above reasons, when students have just started elementary school and are still getting used to studying, it is better to take junior English while they still have some confidence with speaking, reading and writing.

Students who enjoyed the Afterschool class structure and want to continue studying in this pattern can also take the Advanced Afterschool class. There they keep a diary and the grammar study goes up to third year junior high school level. The teachers will advise you when your child is ready to progress or which classes are suitable, so don’t worry!