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Creative Curriculum

creative curriculum

The Goal of Our Curriculum is to Help Children Become Enthusiastic Learners
The Creative Curriculum created by Learning Strategies in the United States, is a program of the highest recognition. It is being employed in many institutions such as Headstart, the education sector in the military, many private learning institutions , has been incorporated into the state k12 curriculum across the United States and has also been adopted in many leading countries which have taken note of the importance of early childhood development.The curriculum fosters creativity, critical thinking, and motivation for self learning for the individual, and explains how to create this environment for learning
Point 1:Curriculum goal
To foster individuals who value creativity and show enthusiasm and positiveness in exploring and testing their ideas. Children who have self esteem and the self confidence to allow their natural curiosity to discover without being afraid.
These people will make a difference in the future because they can combine information in different ways to find new solutions.
Point 2 : Creating interest areas
The classroom is divided up into sections such as roleplay, library, toy area, game area and the like so that children can choose their area of interest and not be distracted. This creates a learning environment, and promotes active involvement and decision making where children can spend time working together or spending some time by themselves.
Point 3:Encouraging creativity – questions which do not impose limits
In some education systems, children are told the answers. That works well for some subjects, but we like to ask open ended questions that motivates – not inhibits – creativity and a quest for knowledge. By encouraging critical thinking skills and respecting their answers, children can gain self confidence from their own achievements and want to learn more. Children are naturally curious, using their own powers to solve problems in their own ways.
The staff here at Rivercity International Preschool have been studying the Creative Curriculum and have all received a completion certificate. We keep the benchmarks of the system in mind (and on the walls of every classroom!) as we observe the children and follow its principles.