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Music CD/DVD



SIX LITTLE DUCKS 3,240yen(Including tax)
Classic songs American children have become familiar with. Many of the standards we use for roleplay at the school so there are many important learning concepts. Includes songs such as 「Old MacDonald Had a Farm」「You Are My Sunshine」「Mr.Sun」「ABC Song」「The Wheels On the Bus」「Going to the Zoo」 27 songs ages 2-7
FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS 3,240yen(Including tax)
23 great classroom songs including 「Those Bones」「One, Two, Buckle My Shoe」etc for ages 2-7
WHERE IS THUMBKIN 3,240yen(Including tax)
26 tracks of fun songs for children many of which we use for monthly themes Ages 3-7
IT’S TODDLER TIME 3,240yen(tax included)
This is a good CD for action songs with finger exercises – 20 tracks aimed at age 1-3


PRESCHOOL ACTION TIME 3,240yen(tax included)
Another good action amd movement CD with many popular songs we use in the classroom for ages 3-6.
TODDLERIFIC 3,240yen(tax included)
We use funny faces and sounds to this CD and learn the days of the week, including exciting songs for children such as 「Wiggle Walk」「Me Too」「Ring Around a Rainbow」18 Songs in all.
<Get Funky
Get Funky 3,240yen(tax included)
This is for age 3 and over, but even oadults enjoy these tunes such 「Follow Me, I Am the Leader」「Nutty Thumbkin」「Tarzan」「Get Funky」「Ants Go Marching」A great CD, 16 tracks.
Dances 3,240yen(tax included)
A popular movement CD for children aged 3 and over including the songs「The Twist」「Mexican Hat Dance」「The Hokey Pokey」「The Bunny Hop」13 songs in all.
SIGN with your BABY
SIGN with your BABY 6,700yen(tax included)
Here are some important signs for Mom or Dad to rememberwhich are good for daily communication with baby. Also includes some tips and strategies in a 60 minute commentary, a recording of 145 words in sign language. You can also select scenes or words from the DVD.


Signing time










Signing time 9,720yen(tax included)
This is a fun to learn DVD with a music rhythm and colorful video. Produced in the United States all in English they are all simple words so Moms or Dads who may not be strong in English will have no trouble. There are some cute babies on the DVD doing sign language and children are attracted to the visuals so it can be used as a teaching aid.
【Set contents】
DVD Set of 3 plus CD has been set to Japanese.
★Vol 1 First words to remember:eat、milk、water、bowl、
    more、Mom、Dad、and others。Total 18 words。
★Vol 2 Words for playtime:friend、play、train、doll、
    thankyou、bath、plus others。Total 30 words。
★Vol 3 Everyday use:I’m hungry、apple、cookie、
    banana、hot、cold、etc。Total of 29 words。