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Rivercity International Preschool


Rivercity International Preschool

Rivercity opened in spring of 2005. Here at Rivercity, we believe in giving children the best education and the best content possible. How do we want out students to be raised and educated? Certainly, we want our students to have a deep interest in English so we can help guide them and develop their English skills. Our Preschool Curriculum is based on The Creative Curriculum, developed by Teaching Strategies Inc, used in high-quality early childcare centers and educational settings throughout the United States, Canada and Australia.

Each program includes circle-time, group activities, arts and craft as well as self-directed free play time. Through these activities and daily plans, we help children while in separation from their parents to develop their independence, creativity, social and emotional skills, physical skills, and cognitive skills. It is a fun program for both native and non-native speaking children, and as the primary language spoken is English, it is a very effective way for children to learn English too!

Three reasons to choose Rivercity International Preschool
1 Native English Teachers who have rich experience and qualifications, Japanese teachers with Nursery School School licences, and various English teaching qualifications, make the classrooms vibrant and friendly.
2 Use of the top rated Early Childhood Education program「The Creative Curriculum」by Teaching Strategies Inc.
3 An age appropriate and interest area divided environment, using Art, Music & Movement, Dramatic play and fun activities to help the children grow.
For ages 2~3 You can attend from as little as once a week in a parent separated class of 3Hours・4.5Hours

Preschool classes are an ideal way for children to get used to the school environment before entering kindergarten. Children learn to be independent and also learn to get involved with friends and teachers. Our daily schedule is carefully planned to meet children’s daily rhythm. Circle-time is a great opportunity to learn to do things together as a group, and self-directed free play time respects children’s own interests and self-decisions. With native English speaking teachers, they do Music & Movement, Arts & Craft, Story Time and group games. This gives them inspiration and a reason to be thinking and learning in English. We offer a three hour or a four and a half hour course, for two to three year old children.

Preschool special points

Going to preschool is sometimes the first time to be separated from mom or dad for a long period of time. As soon as the child feels adjusted and used to their new surroundings, they will start to learn more about themselves and how to play well in a group-setting. By sitting down with the other students, singing and repeating English together, facing the same challenges, children will develop empathy for one another.