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User’s Voice

Mommy Lingual・Baby Sign Language/ ML親子クラス・ベビー手話

Mommy Lingual・Baby Sign Language/
「When you couldn’t speak a single word, and you were crying, you tried so hard and gave me a sign, even though it was the only one you knew, and your communication really helped me..」>>more
Mommy Lingual・Baby Sign Language/
「In the beginning I thought – can you really learn English sign language – and now here you are – you’ve learned it beautifully!」>>more



Preschool / プリスクール
「All the kids were having fun, but my daughter was having the most fun of all!」>>more


Advanced Preschool・Kinderschool /

Advanced Preschool
「I’d like him to learn English as if he was being raised in America.」>>more
Advanced Preschool
「It really helps us for him to be picked up from his nursery school.」>>more
Advanced Preschool/Kinder School
「When my child is naughty, or he doesn’t eat his lunch properly, I don’t think there are many English schools where they would train him with such care.」
Advanced Preschool/Kinder School
「If she sees a foreigner passing by, she is now able to make simple conversation.」>>more



「My uncle lives in Chicago, so first I want to go there. I want to speak a lot, and make some American friends.」>>more
「I want to go abroad as a volunteer. The English I am learning now is going to come in useful!」>>more
「I went on some trips! Germany, Australia, Hawaii…being able to talk made me so happy!」>>more


Adult English 大人英会話/(一般・ビジネス・TOEIC)

「I can express my thoughts and opinions now- in depth!」>>more
「I particularly like the freedom at Rivercity English School. If I was in some other big English school they would want me to study a textbook.」>>more