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User’s Voice: Advanced Preschool/Kinder school

お客様の声:Advanced Preschool/Kinder School
Why did you join Rivercity?

We lived in America for about two and a half years, and my son went to preschool for a short time. Returning to Japan, we didn’t want him to lose his English ability and we wanted him to have international experiences and meet many people in the future. We started looking for a school, saw the Rivercity homepage and decided to join after a trial lesson.

What were your impressions of Rivercity?

I liked the fact that there is a Japanese and native English teacher in the class.The teachers are kind and yet watch the children closely I feel. Most importantly, my son is relaxed and enjoying himself in class. My husband is happy with the school too. My son is attending school two times per week and now he loves to talk in English. I think he wants to talk more and more. I think he would love to go back to America one day to talk with his friends, so we want to support his English study. In the future I will leave it up to him to decide, but I would love him to live overseas if he has a chance.

お客様の声:Advanced Preschool/Kinder School
What points do you recommend about Rivercity?

The pickup service – I am working during the week and I take my daughter to nursery school every day. I wanted her to study English but the only day she could do that would be Saturday. But I want to spend Saturdays together with my family so when I found out about the pickup service that really helped me. If we didn’t have that we wouldn’t have been able to study English.

How is your child’s English level?

We attend school once a week. After one and a half years, she showed a real like for English – she would use simple words at home. Recently, she took the Jidou English test, and did the warm up class and listened to the CD at home, and she passed the bronze level!

Teacher comment

There are many nursery schools nearby and we thought a pickup service would help working Moms, and Natsuko was the first to use the service. She then had a trip to Hawaii and that helped motivate her even more to learn English. Now the class Natsuko is in is full, as others use the service too.

お客様の声:Advanced Preschool/Kinder School
Points about the school?

When my son is in class I take an English lesson, While raising a family I hadn’t been able to continue my studies. Now because we are in the same school, I can tell him we’re both studying hard together just in different rooms. He understands and we both feel good and I can concentrate on my study.

Have there been any changes with your son?

When he was in nursery school, I took him overseas on business and for holidays, but he didn’t receive English positively. He cried when he saw a native English male teacher. That doesn’t happen anymore and of course he is growing up but studying with the native teachers has helped him in many ways.

Teacher comment

Sunao can still remember when he cried at seeing a male teacher in our school. But he has forgotten how hard lunch time and toilet time was and these days playfully says “Please” and shares his toys with others. If the child doesn’t understand the Japanese teacher steps in, so for students like Sunao the burden is taken away and they can play and learn happily.

Sunao’s Mom

At Rivercity the teachers are paying attention closely to the chidren.When my child is naughty, or he doesn’t eat his lunch properly, I don’t think there are many English schools where they would train him with such care. Most importantly, he is enjoying himself. And when he comes home he hardly cries at all. He is happier than when he used to come home from his last school!

お客様の声:Advanced Preschool/Kinder School
Why did you decide to join Rivercity?

When we returned from America, Kanna was not getting on well with other Japanese children in the park. When we were wondering what to do we saw a flyer about Kachidoki school opening, and came for a trial lesson. The books and toys were the environment she had been used to up to now and it looked great for her so we joined.

What can you recommend?

In addition to regular class she attended spring school and summer school. She enjoyed going to the Science museum and Yumenoshima tropical gardens. Everyday she was saying ”What teacher am I going to have today?” She really had fun.

How is your child’s English ability?

When watching cartoons or movies she says “I want to watch it in English!” She is using words that I don’t know. She remembers the school’s monthly theme words very well. She can understand simple English.

Teacher comment

Kanna comes to school twice a week and she is in English mode. She has really good ears for language. And she is coming to every school event! She is familiar with every teacher in the school, and has such a friendly personality. We are all looking forward to watching her grow!

Kanna’s Mom

We live close to the school, and there are native English teachers so we decided to have her in the 4.5 hour class. Until recently Kanna would mix up her two languages and feel uncomfortable, but recently she is able to distinguish when to use which words and is communicating well in English. We will put her sibling into school too when she is aged 18 months!